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  • RPT is the native token of the Represent ecosystem. 

  • It enables users to interact with the smart contracts and services offered.  

  • Used as a means of exchange for unique vote tokens and proposal creation.

  • Stake within the network to share in revenue collection of the represent ecosystem. 

  • Platform users are rewarded for participating in governance via RPT

  • Gas token of REPRESENT CHAIN powering all transactions and smart contract interactions.  

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Petition driven Land-based Governance, Organizational voting, and instant DAO-based Crypto governance


Rewards holders of REPRESENT and allows them to share in revenue collection from the REPRESENT ecosystem. 


REPRESENT Participants vote on Petition (land) or Proposal (crypto) driven governance

Operating Principles

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Intelligent Geo-aware applications

Profitable by design 

Transparent, anonymous, secure applications for transition away from old world models

Deregulated for parallel Governance, Business, and Finance that assigns control to regular participants  

Interoperable Chain Technology for fast, scalable transactions

Majority Protection Awareness (MPA) right in your pocket

Providing the people a majority voice mechanism to protect themselves from government usurpation between election cycles

Educating the masses towards normalization and usage of decentralized tools for societal advancement

Opening an effectual doorway via majority voice for further decentralized adoption to disrupt old world models that are failing

Increasing intelligence for creating prosperity through understanding the innovations creating decentralized potentials for betterment

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