Dan Morrison

Chief Executive Officer

A proven professional in both public and private sectors.  Dan’s 35 year career of adventurous risk taking, provided wisdom and experiences in too many areas to list, but includes;  a successful Entrepreneur, Business Owner, CEO, Financial Educator, Professional Teacher, Author, multiple post-secondary degrees with content inclusion for Change Leadership, Management and Governance, and course certifications in Investment and Trading, and much more.  


Dan has been involved in monitoring and educating in the Blockchain space for 6 years and is passionate about bringing real world utility to disrupt old models that oppress humanity and limit freedoms inherent in proper principles of socio-economic development.


REPRESENT begins the adventure…come join the journey!


Remaining Team/Advisors and Development group will remain anonymous for now but are actively advancing the platform.


Our Team

Our team is lead by award-winning speech-language pathologists who specialize in autism spectrum disorder and assistive technology.