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Welcome Western Canada! 


Are you ready to lend your intelligence in creating a better opportunity for future developments? Would you like the ability to hold a referendum with millions of people instantly for better governance?  Or, control a currency geographically to unbank from the banks?  REPRESENT introduces the ability to create betterment!


The future has arrived - and this resource page will outline a few issues caused by incorrect governance...and identify a pathway for future progression from what we are witnessing in our current realities.


Technology has finally developed to where it can allow this generation to introduce a variable that has never before been present in human history!  A variable that can immediately stop the inevitable slide towards a nation and/or people adopting central government planning models that lead to damaging loss of freedoms and opportunities.

If you;


  • value freedom,

  • desire prosperity,

  • want to have a direct voice now and in the future to protect your geographical area for yourself, family and friends, 

  • and observe a downward trend in opportunity for the West as being caused by active ‘external’ sources...


...then I invite you to “JOIN THE WAITLIST” by clicking on the button in the top right corner of this page. This will allow you to receive more information about our exciting plan to correct and eliminate structural flaws in our current model of governance that is taking from Western Canada's ability to create freedom and prosperity.  

The video's offered below will provide clarification on principles of governance.  This is not new information (and as you will see, has been discussed throughout time) but it is forgotten by many in this day; so, I have brought it back for current relevance in a simplistic fashion.  These are not perfect creations but suffice to present the message.


Also – we invite you to take part in ensuring this change for our future by donating towards this projects completion. Freedom is the responsibility of the many...and this future development must be a desire of the many in order for success!  


Your donation is an investment – as not only will you be ensuring the local majority voice towards proper governance and freedoms...but you will be purchasing future RPT tokens for $0.05 cents that will eventually be priced at a $0.10 cent opening when listed on an exchange. (this should not cause you to consider this a financial investment however, it is not; and more information will be provided to those donating to make this project a reality)


In 2021, REPRESENT begins a new reality towards independence and separation from old world models currently failing the West!


I invite you to make a difference!


Dan Morrison



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