Alberta must do better...


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Video Number Four...the FINAL video presents a solution whereby the PEOPLE can assist our elected neighbours...


It is time Albertan's came together to remake our ancient models of governance - so that both ourselves...and future generations can achieve the greatest prosperity possible!

Check back now and then to this webpage for further ideas that focus on successful principles of governance that will redirect the false ideologies that have harmed Alberta for many decades past...



A seventh generation Canadian - Dan was born and raised in Calgary. 

Dan and his wife Tracey have been married for 37 years and have eight children and eight grandchildren.

Dan holds two Bachelor Degrees from the University of Calgary, and Masters in Administrative Leadership from Gonzaga University in the State of Washington USA.  He has 30 years of experience as a High School Teacher with the Calgary Board of Education, and operated a custom home building company for 25 years. 

His leadership has been instrumental in improving many areas around him and he has served in Executive positions for many organizations, both locally and nationally.

Currently - he is struggling to keep up in labouring with some of our Canadian hero's...whose tireless technical work on Alberta's drilling rigs in some of the globes most extreme climate conditions; provide all of us incredible freedoms and conveniences we often take for granted!


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