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The Ultimate Governance Protocol

                                                Is a Governance platform that Empowers You by providing all people with the ability to unite in majority voice. REPRESENT puts power back in the hands of those who create government...the PEOPLE. 

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The Future of Secured Governance
By The People - For The People! 

Geographical Land based voting: 

Our unique petition/voting protocol formulated by smart contracts allows for fast, secure, and anonymous Majority Voice Protection (MVP) and immutable data tabulation for each and every vote/election.

Organizational Voting: 

Create a Unique voting token across your organization and get members/employee responses immediately to increase efficiency. 

Crypto Voting: 

One to One DAO Voting for an egalitarian and decentralized community led governance.

Use Case

A Global Approach For
Sovereignty Seed Development 

REPRESENT is developing a turn-key decentralized Sovereignty hub for any Community, State, Society, or Nation, that functions to;


  • Encourage mass adoption thru intelligent design and educational systems.

  • Provide immediate real world utility for all people via our Majority Voice Protection (MVP) dApp – the Ultimate Governance Protocol!

  • Introduce an ecosystem of dApps to invert power structures to the people in Governance, Business, Finance, Law, Insurance, and Currency.

  • Provide a highly scalable, secure, interoperable, layer one Blockchain; built on Substrate to ensure control of the eco-system.

  • Introduce a stable coin for greater transparency of community financial interactions.

A Global Decentralized Socio-economic Ecosystem Has Finally Arrived!

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