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The Ultimate Governance Protocol

                                                Is a Governance platform that Empowers You by providing all people with the ability to unite in majority voice. REPRESENT puts power back in the hands of those who create government...the PEOPLE. 

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The Future of Secured Governance
By The People - For The People! 

Geographical Land based voting: 

Our unique petition/voting protocol formulated by smart contracts allows for fast, secure, and anonymous Majority Voice Protection (MVP) and immutable data tabulation for each and every vote/election.

Organizational Voting: 

Create a Unique voting token across your organization and get members/employee responses immediately to increase efficiency. 

Crypto Voting: 

One to One DAO Voting for an egalitarian and decentralized community led governance.

Use Case

A Global Approach For
Sovereignty Seed Development 

REPRESENT is developing a turn-key decentralized Sovereignty hub for any Community, State, Society, or Nation, that functions to;


  • Encourage mass adoption thru intelligent design and educational systems.

  • Provide immediate real world utility for all people via our Majority Voice Protection (MVP) dApp – the Ultimate Governance Protocol!

  • Introduce an ecosystem of dApps to invert power structures to the people in Governance, Business, Finance, Law, Insurance, and Currency.

  • Provide a highly scalable, secure, interoperable, layer one Blockchain; built on Substrate to ensure control of the eco-system.

  • Introduce a stable coin for greater transparency of community financial interactions.

A Global Decentralized Socio-economic Ecosystem Has Finally Arrived!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is REPRESENT Governance?
    Represent Governance is the ULTIMATE GOVERNANCE PROTOCOL - and will leverage the interoperability, security and scalability of the Polkadot ecosystem to create unrestricted decentralized governance capacity. Represent will disrupt centralized old world models of government and will place Governance in the hands of the people.
  • What does REPRESENT Governance seek to solve?
    Two things really… One of the great fallacies foisted upon all humanity and their opportunity to progress and prosper…is the absolute incorrect teaching whereby; “we have been looking at elected government as something that stands apart from us!” Nothing could be further from the truth – and the people have failed to realize that; it is the people that are the government! After all, it is the people who create the government in free societies and with phase one of this protocol - REPRESENT Governance - it is the people who will unite in a Majority Voice Protection (MVP) to ensure all geographical governance is authorized thru decentralized technology. And… Our team of specialists 'have and are' designing simple tools to educate all willing people on how to participate intelligently with Cryptographic technology – because…REPRESENT Governance will introduce the masses to an opportunity not had ever before in our history; whereby, the collective voice of the majority can instantly respond together to protect the people from unauthorized government actions that are against the desire of the people. And this in turn will allow REPRESENT to be a common application in the lives of every concerned person in a society – which will then introduce them to crypto protocols in their everyday life…and become a virtual gateway to stimulate decentralization advancement for additional phases we are developing towards our Soveriegn Seed Development (SSD) eco-system.
  • Is REPRESENT Governance voting protocol secure?
    Absolutely! Our team of developers are utilizing today’s most advanced technology to create a decentralized autonomous eco-system that allows for people generated mechanisms to push out geo-aware participation for complete result tabulation using Next Generation Interoperable Technology – in preparation for our other developments creating our Soveriegnty Seed Development (SSD) protocols!
  • What is the Sovereignty Seed Development (SSD) Program?
    Our SSD is a 'turn-key' decentralized hub fo any community, society, state, or nation that is seeking to replace (or parallel until infrastructure, education, and intelligence is ready for replacement) existing models of centralized services in governance, business, finance, law, insurance, and currency; whereby, a geographical group can exist through decentralized applications for their betterment.
  • What are REPRESENT’s Tokenomics?
    You can view them here
  • How can I buy the REPRESENT Token?
    Join our Waitlist for pre-sale information...or buy RPT on Pancake Swap after TGE
  • What are the future development plans for REPRESENT’s Sovereignty Seed Protocol?
    REPRESENTDAO exists to develop a turn-key decentralized Sovereignty hub for any Community, Society, State, or Nation. Our rigorous future development plans prioritize immediate function to increase the user experience by implementing various features that will enhance the REPRESENT ecosystem. Currently, there exist multitudinous barriers that prevent mass adoption of blockchain based dApps from being normalized within any society. The primary problem for most blockchain dApps is that they are not self-sufficient. Most dApps are inherently reliant upon a number of third-party services and applications that increase the difficulty for new users to navigate through. For example, to use a dApp on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) new users have no choice but to go through the following steps Create a KYC account on a centralized exchange supporting fiat on ramp Send money from bank to fiat on ramp exchange Sell fiat for ETH Send ETH to exchange that supports and sells BNB Swap ETH for BNB Create Metamask wallet Save seed phrase Add BSC to Metamask Send BNB to Metamask Go to Pancake Swap Connect Metamask to Pancake Swap Find token contract address Enter token contract address and swap BNB for new token. Go to token platform and start using dApp There are a large number of steps that must first be learned, and then completed, just to have the ability to utilize a specific dApp. Asking new users to do this, just to use an application, is an impediment to the normalization of this technological space. Quite simply, In order for the user base to grow, the user experience must be simplified! To that end REPRESENTDAO is undertaking a number of future development plans that will greatly reduce the number of steps that must be taken. This is essential to enhance the user experience and onboard new users - which is critical to this space if it is to become this world’s future...and it must; to displace Old World Models that have failed! REPRESENTDAO will seek to remove the previous steps through development protocols on the REPRESENT platform. which will become a one-stop platform that is not reliant on third-party blockchains or dApps. REPRESENTDAO will; Develop a Fiat On-ramp. This will allow new users to purchase REPRESENT tokens (RPT) directly on the platform/app. Allowing them to circumvent the complications of a CEX. 2. Develop its own Wallet/KYC. This will allow users to store their RPT without having to rely on third-party wallets such as Metamask or Trustwallet. 3. Incorporate its own Swap feature. Allowing the purchase and sale of a token directly on the platform, so new users will avoid the complications of a Decentralized Exchange (DEX). 4. Support its own blockchain specialized for mass adoption of dApps that exist to enhance the turn-key Sovereignty Seed Development (SSD) protocol. The new blockchain will utilize the RPT token for gas. This will allow new users to avoid having to acquire and hold ETH or BNB. And... 5. Create a digital stable currency token This will provide unlimited capacity to onboard new users into the blockchain space while still allowing them to retain their fiat and will allow for SSD measure to become common transaction for all aspects of the classification of users involved. More information is forthcoming… Future users, in our ecosystem, will be able to; enter the REPRESENTDAO platform, KYC purchase the token directly on site using fiat, store their tokens in their wallet, exchange for vote tokens, buy and sell RPT, all while using the RPT token for gas. utilize stable coin, and manage other dApps available This greatly reduces the numbers of steps that new users will have to take when entering the blockchain space and ensures that they don’t have to open a dozen tabs while jumping from one platform to the next. And this is incredibly important for what we are creating, as once our chain is developed; we will be able to create/import a number of dApps pertaining to the fields of Governance, Business, Finance, Law, Insurance, and Currency. We start first with Governance for the obvious reasons that allow the people to instantly, anonymously, and securely, produce the ‘voice of the majority’ on any proposed and supported petition, to direct the affairs of the elected/appointed towards a Majority Voice Protection (MVP) result within their geographical area. This MVP will result in mass adoption of chain technology to normal citizens who currently find no utilization for what is being developed in this space, and will protect future adoption of change technology as the people demand such; thus, ensuring a solid future for incredible decentralized applications that will benefit generations both now and in the future. REPRESENTDAO has immediate plans for further development once REPRESENT GOVERNANCE is testing live in our target areas. (July 2021) A summary ‘of the beginning’ of our turn-key Sovereignty Seed Development (SSD) protocol within the REPRESENT ecosystem is as follows; Fiat on-ramp Wallet/KYC Swap feature Specialized Interoperable Blockchain Stable coin, and Future dApps related to Business, Finance, Law, Insurance, Currency Our team of specialists and professionals, are all currently developing educational materials for phase one deployment of the REPRESENT Governance dApp, to incur mass adoption to a population that is just beginning to become aware of this technology. This education process, occurring while undergoing Majority Voice Protection (MVP) exercises to better societies, increases the ability of citizens everywhere to use Crypto protocols and can benefits all future projects. REPRESENTDAO will normalize Blockchain technology to disrupt ancient, obsolete, and inefficient models that have oppressed generations!

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